I eat food.

If that’s too cryptic, then let me elaborate. Recently my girlfriend (yes I have one of those – sorry ladies/gentlemen) was diagnosed to be coeliac. So we’ve had to make a few pretty major changes to our usual cooking routine. This was not helped by the fact her favourite food is chinese which just so happens to love adding the occasional wheat (soya sauce for one) making eating out pretty much impossible (except for the wonderful Naturally Chinese of course).

Being a self professed foodie, I was excited to rise to the challenge and it has been tough I admit but also it has been a lot of fun. Experimenting with alternative ingredients to get the same great taste means I’ve had to make good old dishes several times over (my stomach was pretty please about this even if my taste buds were not at times).

What has resulted that has passed both of our taste tests are what you see here. If you like the looks of them, try it and then let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you especially if you think you’ve found a way to improve what’s there.

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